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Solar thermal energy ./. photovoltaics and us

Already at the turn of the millenium we developed this new business segment for ourselves. In the times of rising energy prices and the increasing shortage of fossile raw materials the photovoltaics, say generation of electricity by solar energy and the thermal energy, warm water processing by solar energy, becomes more and more lucrative and today it is already the technique of the future.

Below some references only from the year 2009 an 2010:

  • Industrial hall, Brunswick 57.2 kWp photovoltaics installation
  • Industrial hall, Hungenroth, 27,04 kWp photovoltaics installation
  • Industrial hall, Gondershausen, 29,88 kWp photovoltaics installation
  • Residential building Emmelshausen, 8 kWp photovoltaics installation
  • Residential building Gondershausen, 9.16 kWp photovoltaics installation
  • Business building in Dörth, 29,14 kWp  photovoltaics installation
  • Single-family home in Norath, photovoltaics
  • Single-family home in Emmelshausen, photovoltaics
  • Multi-family house in Emmelshausen, solar thermal energy
  • Single-family home in Hausbay, solar thermal energy
  • Multi-family house in Emmelshausen, solar thermal energy

Residential building Emmelshausen, 8 kWp photovoltaics installation

General remarks

Originally the roof as the most important part of the house served exclusively as weather protection. Later on the space below the roof was discovered as a valuable potential for more quality of life.

Today your roof is able to fulfil additional tasks. Modern technique facilitates the residue-free and with it the environmentally friendly transformation of sunlight and solar heat into forms of energy you can use. Depending on its equipment your roof can be used as a production site for room heating, electricity and water heating. With it many house owners get closer to their desires for cost-efficient and independent energy supply.

In principle one differentiates between photovoltaics installations that transform sunlight into electricity and solar thermal energy installations using solar heat for room and water heating.

In principle solar installations can be installed at inclined or flat roof areas and outer walls. At new buildings they can be immediately erected with the remaining roof area, but they can also be integrated at any time into the already existing area.

The roofer guild company is to a special degree the contact when it comes to the planning and the integration of solar installations. In addition to the basic familiarity with all the materials on the roof and the outer walls your roofer is the specialist for the integration of your small power plant in an integration of high craft standards and design. The roofer offers attractive solutions for the installation of solar collectors or modules that are primarily of major importance at existing buildings in order to do justice to the architectural standard and the character of the house.

On the basis of his extensive vocational training the roofer guarantees in addition to the installation according to good professional practice of the equipment, the rainproof protection at the connections and disconnection as well as at the points of penetration.

Together with selected partners the roofer takes care of the connection of the solar installations with the electricity and heat network in accordance with the regulations. The roofer is also your partner for complementing measures for the improvement of the energy balance and offers you from the consultation to the implementation a complete concept from one source.

Photovoltaics offer an opportunity for the use of solar energy. Here a direct transformation of the sunlight into electric energy is effected by the solar cells. The direct current thus produced is transformed into alternating current and is directly available to you.

With a solar system you get a fascinating technology that is stable in value into your house. Waste gas and operating noises are matters of the past.

By the exchange of excess power in the interconnection with the public electricity network an efficient plant for energy generation with cost-efficient capacity round the clock is created.

In connection with the professional installation by a member company of the roofer guild the high quality of the system components stands for a reliable facility with manageable technique.

The uncomplicated later installation in connection with the durability of the facilities makes a solar system interesting for more and more house owners. Promotions by the state can further increase the already existing economic incentive.

In addition, you show environmental awareness with a solar system and carry out active environmental protection. Within a few years the generartion of energy out of sunlight will be taken for granted.

Today this means the consequence ou9t of the considerate dealing with the environmental resources together with the simultaneous critical assessment of technology and ecosytem. Let your roofer give you advice about a comprehensive energy concept for your house.

Solar thermal systems

Solar thermal systems generate heat on the roof and at the outer walls and make it available for heating and for the water heating.

The solar heat is caught by a collector and by a type of heat exchanger it is led to consumption. The demand of warm water of a household of several people is essentially covered by the high efficiency of the solar thermal systems. An efficient support of the heating system is also possible.

The member company of the roofer guild offers interesting collector systems that can be directly integrated into the roof area and harmoniously fitting into the overall design of the building.

By the up-to-date design adapted to the covering image and an individual layout of the size of the facility to your requirements the optimum project work can be found for every building. But also when you do not strive for a "large" solution a solar thermal system is, for example, for the permanent heating of swimming pools or greenhouses a cost-efficient alternative taking care of the environment to the conventional heating systems. 

The roofer guild company is the expert for all types of the roof construction and for the mechanical attachment of the system it offers a maximum of security that is the precondition for the perfect function of the system.

A professionally installed solar thermal system means an increase in value for the entire building and results in a noticeable reduction of the costs of energy over many years.


With your REINER-DACH we guarantee the highest quality. Both in the selection of materials and in the implementation of the project, we pay attention to qualified expert advice, optimal implementation, longevity and ecological sustainability. You can be assured that our employees receive intensive training in their areas of expertise at regular intervals.

That is why we guarantee a masterpiece with a REINER ROOF!


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