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Your roof ... a Reiner-roof!

The flat roof and us

The construction and renovation of flat roofs is part of the task area of most roofer companies.

We have particularly specialised in the following materials:

  • Bitumen
  • Plastics, such as PVC or PIB
  • Liquid gasket seals

Our task area covers large industrial and storage depots as well as private objects such as garages, bays, etc.

Below we mention some reference objects to you:

  • Storage depot Dörth, approx. 1.200 m²  bituminous sealing
  • Housing estate in Koblenz, approx. 15.000 m² bituminous sealing
  • Residential and business building in Dörth, 1.000 m² bituminous sealing
  • Water Supply Rhein-Hunsrück, 500 m² PVC-sealing 
  • Numerous single-family and multiple-family houses as well as garage and balcony sealings.

General remarks

The modern flat roof is an architectural element usable in many varied ways and it offers you a lot more than just weather protection: Safety for your property, attractive design opportunities, optimal utilisation of space as well as the integration of important functional elements for lighting and ventilation, heat insulation, protection against lightning and solar technique.

Therefore on commercial buildings, office building and on high-rise buildings the flat roof has conquered its position a long time ago. In residential building it also developed into an interesting and popular alternative.

On account of their varied opportunities for design and use flat roofs are not only in demand on the basis of their functionality but to a large extent also because of aesthetic demands on the architecture. Individual and innovative flat roof constructions make warehouses and football stadiums into sophisticated and optically attractive buildings.

Modern flat roofs are durable, easy to maintain and safe. Thus they offer important economic advantages.

Flat roofs are also environmentally friendly and use, for example, the natural resources by the application of solar energy utilisation or photovoltaics. Flat roofs with vegetation protect the natural bases of life and open to you various, also active opportunities in use.

Flat roofs are suitable for any type of building. At the same time your roofer guild company is your competent consultant - from careful planning about the professional execution to the regular maintenance of your flat roof.


The overall term flat roof describes different types of construction and materials. For sealing blankets on the basis of bitumen or plastic materials as well as liquefied gas are used.

At the ventilated roof there exists an air space between the roof sealing structure and the heat sealing layer for the purpose of exchanging ventilated air. In case of the unventilated roof there is directly above heat sealing layer a weather-resistant roof sealing. This construction, for example, results in a differing load-bearing capacity. 

At the classic flat roof the sealing is placed directly below the protective layer mostly consisting of gravel or heat-insulating boards. The insulating material has to be weather-resistant and in addition has to be able to resist microbes.

Over and above their actual function flats roofs also open new creative perspectives. In a freely weathered roof the sealing is situated as the top layer. This does not have to be any longer necessarily black or white. With modern coloured materials effective accents can be set in an uncomplicated way. Stability against mechanical and thermal loads is primarily demanded for the sealing.

A more and more popular form of the design of the flat roof is the vegetation cover on the roof. It makes particularly high demands on the sealing material and primarily requires robustness and firmness of the roots.

Vegetation cover on  the roof

An additional attraction of the flat roof consists of the multiple opportunities to use the obtained roof area. By constructions according to good professional practice roof areas can be newly functioned to turn into roof terraces, traffic routes or green areas.

Whether the vegetation area on the garage roof or the sealing over large areas of the underground car park, the use of roof areas creates new habitats and no limits are set for their creative design. Use of the roof pays for itself. By increasing the value of use, living and leisure time the value of your real property increases and with it the rent. The member companies of the roofer guild are your competent contacts for all the issues of the economical use of the roof area.

In modern city construction roofs covered by vegetation are striking points of view in the public eye attracting attention and sympathy. Thus you create quality of life and hand back a piece of nature to the city. By the way, for a project of covering the roof with vegetation you can often make a claim for contributions from public promotional programmes. 

Roof areas covered with vegetation are not only economically interesting and an image factor but they are also ecologically meaningful solutions, because they

  • improve the microclimate within and outside the buildings,
  • increase the protection against noise as well as emissions and immissions,
  • save energy and reduce the costs for drain water,
  • prolong the life time of your roof seals.

Regarding the vegetation cover of roofs a difference is made between the extensive and the intensive one. Extensive vegetation cover means planting easy-to-handle plants. Intensive vegetation cover on the other hand means using demanding plant cover requiring intensive care. 


With your REINER-DACH we guarantee the highest quality. Both in the selection of materials and in the implementation of the project, we pay attention to qualified expert advice, optimal implementation, longevity and ecological sustainability. You can be assured that our employees receive intensive training in their areas of expertise at regular intervals.

That is why we guarantee a masterpiece with a REINER ROOF!


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