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Maintenance and inspection

All complex systems that are supposed to function reliably on a permanent basis require a certain degree of regular expert maintenance.

Think, for example, of your motorcar or your hobby equipment. Naturally a roof also needs the maintenance by an expert. Your shield against the unpleasant forces of nature is the functional component of your house. It protects the building and its inhabitants day and night reliably against the weather. Since, however, it is not in the observer's direct field of vision, it needs on a regular basis a professional check-up by the experts of the roofer craft.

As your competent partner when we talk about roof and outer wall we offer you two alternatives for the regular control of the external envelope of your building.

First check-up: the roof-inspection

Here a regular site inspection of the roof areas is taking place as well as the preparation of an inspection report and, if required, the draft of proposals for maintenance and repair measures together with a relevant overview of the costs. You will then decide which measures will be carried out

Regular maintenance

More comprehensive is the alternative, the maintenance of the roof and the outer wall. Here there is also a site inspection in regular intervals, containing at the same time also repair work in addition to a visual inspection. Part of it are, for example, the replacement of defective bricks and roofing tiles, the removal of minor leakage points at openings and seals, the cleaning of dewatering components and the removal of dangerous deposits of dirt. After the inspection you will receive a maintenance protocol and relevant proposals for potentially required, more extensive repair works.

Whatever you decide on, the member company of the roofer guild is your competent partner and likes to advise you to find the real type of competent technical support for your roof or outer wall for the technical inspection or maintenance and to decide on the suitable intervals. Inform yourself - particularly in a time when the number of thunderstorms increases strongly conditional on the climatic change, the maintenance and care for every building becomes more and more important.

Regular inspection - and if necessary also care - naturally means the conservation of the optimal condition of the roof and outer wall at any time. This is the indispensable precondition for the preservation of the value of your building.

Storm and vibrations may cause fastenings to become loose. Changes of temperature attack the surface, result in the formation of cracks and damage the connections and closings. This favours the entry of water, dirt and shifting seeds. These impurities settle at the created hollow spaces and normally they remain undiscovered since these changes are only detected by the trained eye during roof inspections. In the course of time these minor injuries may result in extensive subsequent damages and very expensive rehabilitation measures. For example, penetrated water can in the case of frost really break up the relevant part of the roof, in case of warm weather, on the other hand, repeatedly penetrated humidity results in rottenness or formation of mildew.

Therefore on a long-term basis inspection and maintenance contracts to not only save costs but also contribute to a longer service life and the preservation of the value of your building. In particular the following works should always be carried out:

  • Cleaning of eaves gutters and inlets
  • Visual inspection of built-in components such as lightning protective systems and snow fences
  • Inspection and cleaning of lighting elements
  • Checking of connections and closures
  • Replacing damaged roof materials
  • Removing deposits of dirt

Within the scope of regular maintenance often only a few manual movements are sufficient in order to avoid major defects. 

Within a maintenance or inspection agreement between you and your roofer guild company a  form in writing, meaning the conclusion of a maintenance or inspection contract, is always useful. With it is naturally clear that the works are carried out very comfortably for you as agreed in regular intervals and to the necessary extent by your partner without being asked. It is, however, decisive that the agreement in writing offers you more legal security towards third parties.

Legal security for you

Because with this agreement the regular maintenance of the roof by a professional company can be proved and according to a judgement of the Federal Court of Justice all house owners are obliged to it. Without such a contract it could happen - in spite of an existing building insurance - that in case of a damage by for example parts of the roof blown down by a storm - the house owner could be held responsible for recourse. Therefore the conclusion of such a contract is recommendable not only for older houses but immediately after the completion of a new roofing or retrofitting.

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With your REINER-DACH we guarantee the highest quality. Both in the selection of materials and in the implementation of the project, we pay attention to qualified expert advice, optimal implementation, longevity and ecological sustainability. You can be assured that our employees receive intensive training in their areas of expertise at regular intervals.

That is why we guarantee a masterpiece with a REINER ROOF!


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