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Metal roofings Metal and us

Working with zinc and copper is part of the daily business of every roofing and plumbing company.

The dewatering of the roof (groove, down pipe, fittings) as well as covers, shades and encapsulations are also part of the diverse opportunities for the use of metal.

In addition, we put particular emphasis on the complete design of roof and façade in standing seam technique.

Both of our plumber master craftsmen have been especially trained for this type of roofing.

The use of specific tools and equipment is also necessary. Regarding this we are as one of the few companies in the larger surrounding area equipped with a special profiling machine and a long sheet metal folder

Below you will find some references.


  • Stephan-Georg-Grammar School in Bingen, 800 m² standing seam covering  in zinc
  • Assistance institute and habitation in Kettig, 1,500 m standing seam covering  in zinc
  • Residential and business building in Gutenberg, 450 m² in standing seam covering
  • Town hall Boppard, approx.. 800 m²  standing seam covering  in zinc and many others.
  • 20 different LIDL markets in Germany, standing seam covering  in zinc
  • Hostel for handicapped people in Kastellaun, 300 m² standing seam covering  in zinc

General remarks

For centuries metal has already been used in building houses and today it also enjoys increasing popularity. Since then significant buildings such as churches and cathedrals have often been covered with metals. For good reason: Metal materials last a particularly long time and in addition the material allows architectural designs of any type. 

Up to date nothing has changed of that. The elegant materials can be used in every historic and modern architectural style. Hardly any other material links the opportunity of the craft-orientated individual processing on the one hand with the aspect of the durability and economic efficiency on the other. The metal materials bearing extreme pressure facilitate a long lasting solution also for extravagant architecture.  

Coverings for roofs and façades made of metal are timelessly beautiful and have a lifespan of several generations. In the course of the years they attach to their surface a patina full of character that very essentially contributes to the observer's feeling of material and shape. Therefore it is no wonder that more and more often again one meets metallic accents at the house.

Today modern individual architecture in house building is more in demand than before. Especially metals are here very popular on account of their universal fields of application. The different materials such as zinc, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and lead offer multiple opportunities for processing and in their appearance. The specialised company for roofer and plumber works produces from these materials complete roofs, outer walls, gable coverings or stylish details such as coverings for dormers and chimneys. The roof dewatering system made of the metal of your choice is naturally also part of the overall image of the building.

Aesthetics and function

Roofs made of metal offer undreamt of creative opportunities. They are robust, as highly traditional building materials they harmonically fit into the surrounding landscape of roofs and with their classic modernity they emphasise the architecture. Your roofer trade guild company will gladly advise you during your choice because in their colours the different metals harmonise outstandingly with other materials. Therefore partial designs with metal such as dormers covered with metal are very popular as architecturally decorating elements.

Roof dormers provide the necessary light incidence into the living space below and facilitate a generous and comfortable living below the roof. They creatively make the roof area more relaxed and help to make even the smallest attic storeys more spacious. Your roofer master craftsman realises diverse building designs: round, conical, shed, triangular or butterfly dormers take care of an impression of high quality. Whether you decide in favour of harmonious transitions or interesting contrasts with other materials - dormers with coverings made of metal are always an eye-catcher.

Naturally modern roofs also contain technical functional components. Clean electricity and environmentally friendly heat are today "in". Particularly in demand are creatively attractive solutions facilitating the very unobtrusive installation of constructive elements, such as solar plants into the roof. 

For this purpose metal roofs offer the ideal requirements. Thus photovoltaic cells whose entire surface is connected with the metal collect the solar rays and transform them into electric energy. 

Even for covering balconies or projecting roofs, materials made of metal prove their outstanding formability and their major optical compatibility: Building-specific solutions can always be found for the most different architectural designs. As optically attractive completion for every house metals are in addition available in different variations of design. Roofer guild companies will support you during your decision and design. 

If beauty and efficacy are equally contained in an object, one can talk about an ideal constellation. Thus coverings of external walls are ideal systems. The façade does not only mark the outer effect of your house, it also provides a reliable protection against the weather on the outside but also a healthy

climate of wellbeing within the house.

When covering façades all the types of metal materials with their different colours and characteristics are an attractive alternative. They offer a multitude of attractive design opportunities. In addition complex building geometries can be realised without any problems. A covering of an outside wall with metal materials will protect the house permanently and provide it with an optically attractive image. Fitting covering for the cornices, window ledges and parapet walls round off the overall image.

But the practical side of a covering of the outside wall can be shown. We as a master craftman's company talk at the same time about a thermally insulated covering of the outside wall aerated from the rear. This means that your house is, so to speak, provided with a second curtain-type shell.

At the same time an intelligent construction links the thermal insulation according to good professional practice according to the Energy Saving Ordinance with a ventilation system. Thus the façade in addition to the protection against the weather fulfils an additional function: Your house can breathe towards the outside and inside a healthy living climate is created. In summer your rooms turn cooler in a natural way and in winter you are saving heating costs. By the energy-saving effect your wellbeing façade does not only contribute to your wellbeing, but also looks after your purse - and also the environment. 

The path of the water...

During many weeks of a year roofs and outer walls are exposed to downpours of rain and loads of snow. A watertight flat rood or a rainproof pitched roof are indispensable preconditions for "dry feet" within the building. The entire roof system, however, will only become perfect by the suitable roof dewatering systems. They collect the water running down the roof areas and drain it off in a controlled way. In spite of this brief description sounding so uncomplicated, well-founded expert knowledge is part of the planning and installation of a roof dewatering system. 

At the same time, for example the bases of roofs, sites and the distribution of the drains, play an important part.

At a slanting roof eaves gutters are a well-known and essential part of every roof dewatering system. The choice of the material, such as steel, copper, titanium zinc or aluminium as well as the design - half round, box-shaped or wedge-shaped offer many variations for an individual image of the roof and at the same time of the entire building.

The stack pipes connected to the roof eaves gutters conduct the rainwater mostly into the public dewatering system or lead it to a rainwater utilisation plant. The utilisation of the rainwater is an ecologically and economically realistic opportunity to safe potable water. Here a roofer master craftsman will also help you.

At flat roofs the stack pipes are often integrated into the building. Here the relevant drains - naturally integrated watertight into the seal of the roof - are protected against views by the parapet wall.

By the way, for both roof types a collecting grid is recommendable. Placed at the entry to the stack pipe it reduces annoying blockages in the stack pipe. Leaves and dirt get stuck at the "sieve of the leaves" and the water in the groove can drain off without any problems.

Within the scope of a regular roof inspection by the roofer guild company the soiling on the collecting grid are removed and the perfect condition of gutters as well as their connections are checked.


With your REINER-DACH we guarantee the highest quality. Both in the selection of materials and in the implementation of the project, we pay attention to qualified expert advice, optimal implementation, longevity and ecological sustainability. You can be assured that our employees receive intensive training in their areas of expertise at regular intervals.

That is why we guarantee a masterpiece with a REINER ROOF!


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