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Your roof ... a Reiner-roof!

About us

The company was established on 01.01.1978 by the roofer craftsman Kurt Reiner as an individual businessman.

As per 01.01.1998 the company was reorganised into the GmbH & Co. KG. still existing.

Today the company is managed by general manager Oliver Reiner.

The training of apprentices is of particular importance for us. Even in economically difficult times we consider it our obligation to offer young people the opportunity to learn a craft profession in order to safeguard the future of our guild sustainably as well.

Part of the services and performances of the company are the qualified expert consultations for roof and façade and their execution at new buildings, rehabilitations, repairs and maintenance works with a focus on the slate and metal sector.

Brick and roofing tile covering as well as the flat roof and the roof construction are part of our area of activities just like the consultation and the installation of solar thermal systems and photopholtaic plants.

True to the motto "Standstill is a step backwards" all employees are trained at regular times in their specialist areas in order to enable us to offer our customers every day a high level of professional competence and reliability.

„Your roof ... a Reiner-roof!“


With your REINER-DACH we guarantee the highest quality. Both in the selection of materials and in the implementation of the project, we pay attention to qualified expert advice, optimal implementation, longevity and ecological sustainability. You can be assured that our employees receive intensive training in their areas of expertise at regular intervals.

That is why we guarantee a masterpiece with a REINER ROOF!